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Sometimes you have a question as to why you should opt for Mihran Travels. We are 100% sure that we can help you make the most beautiful moments of your life more colourful. Travelling is a beautiful thing. We are the best travel agency in Dubai, We take you all over the world with an offer that no one else has. It gives you a clear sense of where to go before each trip. Not only that, we give you a detailed description of the journey and everything related to travel, such as accommodation and food. With our high-quality service, we were able to become the best travel agency in the world in a short period. In addition to this, you will get all our valuable services like UAE Visa Services and Hotel Booking, we know the tourist attractions in UAE

There are many scams today in the name of International visa, so it is important to choose a company that you can trust. So the biggest thing in this industry today is trust, and that's the reason why people choose us. Mihran Travels is one of the most trusted international visa providing companies in the world.

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The only thing that brings relief from all the tension in life is travelling. Dream trips, because we are all there to make dreams come true, let us enjoy life together
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Our valuable services are available to you worldwide. We always prioritize to protecting your desires and interests on each trip. Some of our services are listed given below

travel and tourism

Mihran Travels take you to the best and most beautiful places in the world, We bring you the perfect accommodation in Bali, Georgia, Prague, and Dubai which are heavenly places on earth. Similarly,

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air ticket

Travel with Mihran for better aviation. Years ago aviation is unthinkable for the people. It because of the cost of transportation. Peoples cannot afford it. But now the scenario has changed,

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UAE Visa Services

Do you want to go to UAE? Mihran Travels offers the most reliable visa service in the industry at the lowest cost, And amazing offers and packages. We are sure to make you happy

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Hotel Booking

There are many ways to book a hotel today but not many will be available to your liking. Mihran Travels is a great solution for that. We make it easy for you to book a hotel. Our service is available to you in almost

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Are you crazy about traveling? Let us plan together and celebrate together

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Tourist attractions in UAE

Are you crazy about travelling? Let us fly together? Mihran Travels is one of the best service travel agencies in the world today. You can travel with us to any the countries of the world as you wish because our travel packages will be with your interest. You can travel with us to all the countries of the world as you wish. Have you seen the most beautiful place in the world? If not, come on ...we'll take you, at an affordable rate. We offer a variety of packages for customers. Vacation packages and honeymoon packages are just a few of them. We're taking you to countries that you don't know but would like to see. We promise you will never regret the cost of your trip with us.We take you to all the popular places in the UAE at affordable rates, Because we know all the tourist attractions in the UAE

testimonials What Our Customers Say

We have a lot of satisfied customers. They are completely happy with our service. Let's see what their opinions.

Salmanul Faris

Dubai is one of the popular cities in UAE. Mostly famous for the Burj Khalifa a skyscraper in Dubai, Dubai is full of Shopping malls. We visited Dubai. In a night it looks like a city of stars. You will be dazzled by a dancing water fountain near Burj Khalifa. Burj Al Arab Jumeirah a world's most iconic hotel, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater World, Abra Creek, Jumeirah Masque, Gold souk, Palm Jumeirah are the main attractions of Dubai.Thank you so much Mihran for such a beautiful trip. mihran is the best travel agency in Dubai because they know all tourist attractions in UAE .

Shibil Nazeer

Great travel experience with Mihran, I would recommend Mihran to everyone I know, because mihran is the best travel agency in Dubai.


Mihran is a company that has given me so many beautiful travel moments that I will never forget. I am happily recommending it to everyone. You can travel with Mihran with full confidence.

Shafeena Nazar

The time we spared together was some beautiful memories in our life. Thank you so much Mihran for giving us this beautiful trip. I am really happy to suggest Mihran to all.We were really comfortable with the trip planners.We were able to accomplish almost everything that we hoped to see and do during this trip. Mihran travels have great knowledge about tourist attractions in UAE.

Arjun G Nair

Awesome place Pattaya is awesome unforgettable experience. I love the way of maintenance of services provided there and it is nice place. Well maintained and loveable destination. I captured several monuments as a memories. Adventure there is one of the most measure of enjoying. Mihran is the best travel agency in Dubai.


We loved Berlin and Munich the best but there were so many other wonderful experiences along the way.

Fasmeer Fawas

This adventure was action packed from the get go. Food was amazing! Hikes, bike, and kayak excursions were beautiful and the people we traveled with were the best. Guides were over the top amazing. They worked their tails off for us.

Anas Ahammed

As a solo traveler, I rely on a trusted company that can get me safely from point A to B, especially when I’m unfamiliar with the area. At the same time, I expect them to provide excellent customer service (addressing questions/concerns, employing outgoing/knowledgeable guides, etc.). After my third trip with Active Adventures, I feel safe to assume that they check all of these boxes off for me

Thamjeed Lal

United Kingdom,15th December, 2018

First timer, loves food and swimming and planning to get a real Thai massage

Zubair Khazim

My booking was really easy and the staff was super friendly and responsive. The Yacht was in excellent condition and everything went smooth from booking to the actual trip around Dubai Marina! I would recommend Mihran to everyone I know

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